The GoGo Criteria


Is he a BJ-10?
You know: Is he hot? Does he rank as a "10" on my scale (BJ are my initials)? It doesn't matter if he's a muscle man, a toned jock, or a skinny twink. That would have to be essential criteria for any GoGo boy, but there's also the questions of how he works what he's got!

Does he GoGo?
The number #1 charge of a GoGo boy: make sure the customers have fun! Here, I'll consider whether an establishment's GoGo boys work hard at making everyone comfortable and getting people moving to the music.

Will he turn you on?
This is the most important category for the gogo tourist (whether you're a NYC resident or visitor). On top a bar, the hottest guy can be a total stiff (and not the good kind either). Here, I'll try to account for how much bang you get for your buck. I'm on the look out for the guys that leave you swooning. A good GoGo will provide fantasy fodder for your trip back with your boyfriend, hook up, or with just yourself.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eastern Bloc - Bloc Party - Friday 11/21/08

The Bar: EasternBloc
505 E 6th St NYC NY (East Village) 212-777-2555

Train Stops: L (1st Ave); FV (2nd Ave)

The Party: Bloc Party
Boasts only ONE GoGo boy pole dancer and shirtless bartender (though not stripped down to a jockstrap as advertised in HX).
Free. Fridays 12 AM.

The Scene: Somewhat typical of E. Village fair, a young 21+ crowd packs the place, visiting from Williamsburg and pretending to slum it in the naughty East Village that seemingly only exists of yore. However, it's a mixed crowd that welcomes older gentlemen who tipped and manhandled the GoGo. The narrow bar features DJ Gabe filling the air with the fairly typical contemporary and standard dance pop, from which it seems impossible to define a DJ's sensibility. However, I applaud the inclusion of Prince ("1999") in the mix and, while it's almost impossible to have a night on the town without Michael Jackson, I was surprised and moved by DJ Gabe's choice: "Black or White" which reflected the mixed crowd. Everybody loves Michael Jackson! The space affords one platform for the GoGo dancer, equipped with a pole. It is located in the narrowest section of the bar, between two couches on the right and left, and between the wall and the bar to the front and back. This makes the space difficult to dance in and even to maneuver through (a fight broke out at one point because of too much pushing and shoving). A GoGo boy's got his work cut out for him in this venue.

The GoGo Boy:


The GoGo Criteria
(see above for Key)

Is he a BJ-10?
In many senses, Tony is hard in all the right places and soft in all the right places. Sporting a cap -- a playful touch -- this toned-and-proud-of-it Latino shorty from Harlem combines gangsta mystique (blessedly clashing with the bar's hipster/prep crowd) and good-time buoyancy.

Does he gogo?
Amidst an overcrowded, narrow space befitting the oppressive Soviet propaganda motif, Tony pumps up the crowd and gets it dancing. He works the pole with an infectious wit (overcoming a modicum of skill), often inviting patrons to move with him (with or without a tip). So if you can keep up, join him and help entertain the crowd -- as at least three patrons did when I was there (Tony's favorite was the girl!). Tony also welcomes polite chit-chat -- offering a booster with a compliment and even recommending clubs I might enjoy (as a GoGo connoiseur). The pedestal he dances on keeps Tony at a safe remove, but not superior.

Will he turn you on?
Tony matches professionalism to his friendliness. He encourages appropriate bumping and grinding and seems to love any appreciation of his attractive physique (especially his pecs and arms). If he knows what you like (I'm a butt man), he'll tease those tips from you. Even while conversing, I got to cup his soft, round cheeks in my hands for that extra touch of comaraderie. The stray tongue or finger is a definite GoGo "no no."

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